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Sun Corridor Inc. (SCI) is committed to the economic development and growth of the Southern Arizona region. SCI brings together the interests of a broad range of business, education, and public sector leaders to promote Southern Arizona as a single economic region.

Coalescing these diverse groups requires cooperation, collaboration, and trust among regional leaders. Our region must be aligned to be competitive in a global contest for new investment and jobs – from the highest levels of leadership to the staff that execute the vision.

The following Economic Development Regional Guiding Principles express that alignment and set a standard of service and experience for clients, as well as expectations from all partners engaged in economic development across the Southern Arizona region. Any client that seeks assistance from the economic development ecosystem in the Southern Arizona region can expect to receive a level of service that puts their interests first, regardless of which economic development partner they engage within the region. These Regional Guiding Principles also represent the standards each member and partner of SCI supports and practices in its daily business conduct.


All economic development partners commit to the positive promotion of Southern Arizona as we work together to attract new companies to the region.
Sun Corridor Inc. will act as the coordinating organization for economic development attraction projects considering Southern Arizona.
For projects sourced by a jurisdiction, SCI will support that jurisdiction with research, topical expertise, real estate solutions, or other requested support. If the jurisdiction determines there is not a suitable site, the community will request that SCI begin identifying other sites in Southern Arizona that meet the client’s requirements. At all times, the client’s needs will be primary and open communication between the jurisdiction, the client, and SCI will be paramount.
SCI will inform a jurisdiction and other economic development partners, such as utilities, when a client site visit is scheduled to occur in that community, with permission from the client. Economic development directors will be the primary points of contact for the client when community information is requested.
SCI commits to investing in data resources, website/social media, marketing, and staffing that supports client needs. Local jurisdictions and other economic development partners commit to providing updated information and marketing collateral when needed.


Confidentiality requested by clients is paramount and will be maintained among all economic development partners.
All information, including real estate, new jobs, investment, or any other information provided by the client, or their representatives, will be held in the strictest confidence by all economic development partners. Project scope can be referred to only in the context of the agreed upon code name when briefing internal jurisdictional stakeholders.
Proprietary information received during the site selection process is highly confidential and may only be disclosed with the express permission of the owner of the information and shall never be used for personal gain.
Site selection location decisions and processes will be driven by the company or their representatives.
Economic Development partners commit to being solutions driven throughout all aspects of the regional market evaluation process, while also being transparent with clients about what is and is not possible. We will explore possibilities and develop creative solutions whenever possible.
Sun Corridor Inc. will encourage local companies that choose to relocate from one jurisdiction to another to contact the affected community to let them know of the potential move.
For projects sourced by real estate professionals, economic development partners will honor this client relationship and follow their lead serving as a resource and facilitator in the site selection process.
Adhere to a standard of professional conduct that reflects our commitment to excellence and advances the economic interests of the Southern Arizona community.
Make agreements and commitments in a fair, honest, and straightforward manner, acting in good faith to avoid actual and apparent conflicts of interest, and refusing to accept inducements designed to improperly influence our decisions.
Cooperate in exchanging information and ideas reflecting the best practices, procedures, trends, and policies related to economic development, and in supporting the goal of advancing the economy of the Southern Arizona region.


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