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Tucson can provide the best of both worlds, if you are intentional. The 33rd largest metro in the U.S., it’s big enough to make your big idea happen but not too big that you get lost. That low barrier to entry, and that family feel, is a really special thing that a lot of other places don’t have.

I love the quirkiness and uniqueness of Tucson; we have character and even with all the growth and development, we still hold on to that. There’s so much I appreciate about Tucson: the outdoors, food (UNESCO City of Gastronomy), the people, the culture.

As a college town, Tucson is a great place to work and live! While not everyone is a graduate of the University of Arizona, we can all appreciate the Bear Down spirit that fills our desert with abundant culture, activities and, of course, Wildcats!

“The Pivot Playbook is an unprecedented effort for an unprecedented time.  With every difficult time comes opportunity, and with this action plan Southern Arizona has an opportunity that can change our community for the better for years to come.” 

“Great places to live are great places to visit. The region needs tourism and travel to recover for Tucson, as a whole, to be a much stronger place.”

“The Tucson Airport Authority is a regional partner and vital economic engine for the community.”

“Businesses looking to locate or expand in the area want to know that governments like Pima County can and are willing to enhance the economic competitiveness of a region. Focusing on shovel-ready real estate is a critical effort right now to be competitive.”

“We all have a shared responsibility for creating an economically vibrant region.  SALC looks forward to playing a significant role in advocating for the initiatives in this plan and helping to make them a reality.”

“Arizona State University is dedicated to advancing Arizona’s success and competitiveness by providing diverse pathways to a degree regardless of a learner’s geographic location. By broadening our presence in Tucson and collaborating to create new knowledge opportunities, we are demonstrating our commitment to the city’s future and simultaneously expanding our state’s critical talent pipeline, which includes ASU’s more than 25,000 engineering students and 60,000-plus STEM majors.”

“Building back productivity in a post-pandemic environment of intense global competition and accelerating innovation is a complex undertaking that demands focus and investment.  We must help our residents keep up with the skills required to capitalize on emerging technologies.”

“Southern Arizona’s economic recovery isn’t about returning to the status quo—it’s about building back equitably by developing a workforce ready to take on 21st century jobs and attracting top companies. Now, under the exceptional leadership of the Sun Corridor Inc. team and the expertise of the Steering Committee, we are confident that Tucson will come back stronger and more competitive.”

“The fact that we can re-skill or re-career somebody fairly quickly puts our region in position to ensure that companies that want to come here will have the workforce they need over the long term. We’ve been listening to our employers’ needs, and it’s working.”

“Tucson’s appeal is growing for people who are willing to exchange large-city amenities for safety, well-being, mental health and a sense of community that supports individual and family efforts to stay healthy.”

“We had a great foundation of success built prior to the pandemic. Now, the many rankings that suggest Tucson will be in a strong economic position post-COVID-19 are really playing out on the ground.  Interest is strong.  The future is very bright.”

“My vision is to be a city that – at all levels – supports and leverages small businesses, start-ups, accelerators and incubators to make Tucson a leader in creating green jobs, tech jobs, and the jobs of the future as we emerge from the pandemic.”

“The University of Arizona’s contributions to the state’s high-tech workforce are a point of pride. We attract incredibly talented students who work with world-class faculty, and they gain extensive experience in real-world applications of their knowledge.  This experience directly benefits local employers, right here in Southern Arizona.”

“Our community came together in so many ways and on so many fronts – from a healthcare perspective, from a community perspective and from a business perspective – to put us in position to come out of this unprecedented time healthier and stronger economically than our peer communities.”

“We are proud to have Raytheon Missiles & Defense headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. The region’s workforce, infrastructure and community support are fundamental to our plans and enable us to meet the growing demand from our customers.”

“We’re a strong believer in economic development – it’s a pretty simple equation to know that in our business if our community does well, we do well. So economic development has always been part of our plan, in particular as Sun Corridor Inc. was formed. We’ve been very enthusiastic in our support for Sun Corridor Inc. and the work that’s being done.”

“We see our partnership with Sun Corridor Inc. as critical to our ability for our business to grow. When Sun Corridor Inc. works to recruit businesses to come to Tucson and also helps businesses expand in Tucson, that helps our business. It’s a very strategic partnership.”

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Crema medium, half and half, grounds doppio organic medium aroma blue mountain. Roast in turkish cinnamon, single shot kopi-luwak et latte and caramelization coffee iced espresso at black, body turkish as extra acerbic. Et cappuccino est sugar french press, coffee medium lungo.

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